The Forum on Information and Democracy is issuing a worldwide call for contributions to fight against the spread of infodemics. All experts, jurists and researchers working on these issues are invited to respond.

The call concerns four main topics: meta regulation of content moderation, platforms’ design and reliability of information, rules for messaging systems exploiting the possibilities of the online public domain, and the transparency of structuring platforms with regard to their business models and algorithmic choices.

The contributions received will enable the Forum’s “working group on infodemics” to draw up recommendations for governments and digital platforms. Chaired jointly by Maria Ressa and Marietje Schaake, its steering committee consists of 17 prominent figures.

This call for contributions is open until 30 September 2020. The names of those whose contributions are used will appear in the final report, if they so wish.

The recommendations will be submitted to governments and platforms and published in mid-November. Backed by the States of the Alliance for Multilateralism, the working group’s goal is to help bring about a structural change in the digital information and communication space.