Join the Global Effort to Safeguard Democracy in the Digital Information Space! 

The Forum on Information and Democracy  is hiring research rapporteurs and a Scientific Director for its Observatory, and policy rapporteurs for its working group. 

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the Observatory on Information & Democracy’s (OID) first work cycle in September 2023. As part of this landmark initiative, we are looking for experienced rapporteurs for our research working groups. These groups will play a crucial role in assessing the most pressing issues in the digital information and communication space and analyzing their impact on democracy. Rapporteurs will be hired for a part-time paid position until the end of 2024, to facilitate, aggregate and synthesize researchers’ contributions into thematic chapters of the inaugural report. In this process, rapporteurs may also assist working groups’ chairs to organize bi-monthly meetings, supported by OID’s permanent staff.

In parallel, the OID is also recruiting its first Scientific Director to oversee and coordinate the writing process of its inaugural report to be published by the end of 2024. As the authoritative master coordinator of the report drafting process, the Scientific Director will have key management, editorial, analysis and leadership responsibilities, with support from the permanent staff of the Forum and in coordination with the rapporteurs and the Steering Committee. The position is paid and part-time, starting in September 2023.

Moreover, the Forum on Information and Democracy is preparing to launch its next working group. This international and interdisciplinary working group will focus on the latest changes to the global information and communication space such as artificial intelligence and make concrete recommendations to safeguard information integrity. To ensure the success of this endeavor, the working group will be composed of approximately 12 distinguished individuals from esteemed international organizations, academia, and civil society. The Forum is seeking a Lead Rapporteur and one or two rapporteurs to assist in the drafting of the final report and the identification of essential recommendations.

Check the job descriptions here and send us your application:

Scientific Director Position

The Observatory’s research rapporteurs positions

The Policy Working Group’s rapporteurs position

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