Inform, Steer and Oversee the Observatory's Roadmap

Governance at a Glance

The Observatory’s system of governance is composed of four entities and a support team 

Board of Directors of the Forum on Information and Democracy

The Board of Directors of the Forum on Information and Democracy oversees strategic decisions (such as financial matters, strategic planning) and manages the permanent team

Stakeholders Advisory Group

The Stakeholders Advisory Group will be responsible for preparing recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding themes of the reports. 

It will be divided into five sub-groups representing different categories of stakeholders: actors from the scientific community, states’ representatives, representatives of regulators, actors from civil society, and representatives from private actors.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee supervises the production of reports. This includes : identifying and selecting experts and authors; determining the scope and structure of reports; monitoring the drafting process; proofreading and validation of the working groups’ analyses; and the validation of the final reports.

Four to five working groups

Four to five working groups are in charge of sourcing and selecting academic resources through calls for contributions; ensuring a scientific review; and writing each chapter by synthesizing the knowledge.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Each group will be coordinated by a chairperson and be composed of 20 to 50 experts and authors, including the following roles: contributors, editors, coordinators and reviewers. Each working group will be supported by a rapporteur, responsible for producing the final deliverable report. Each working group should produce at least one chapter of the reports.

Permanent staff of the Observatory

The permanent staff of the Observatory is responsible for administrative tasks, acting as a support for the identification of experts and rapporteurs of the working groups, coordinating the rapporteurs’ work, and taking charge of organizing events and meetings for the dissemination of the Observatory’s work.

Call for nomination

The Forum is opening a call for nomination to compose the IOD’s Steering Committee. The call will be open until July, 3rd 2023 and interested parties can either apply themselves or recommend names. You can find out more about the selection process and criteria, and how to express your interest within.

The composition of the Observatory’s steering committee will be announced on the week of July, 17th by the prefiguration group.

Governance Ecosystem

of the International Observatory on Information & Democracy