Working Groups

The working groups of the Forum will issue recommendations for regulation and self-regulation

Gathering international expertise

The working groups of the Forum gather experts from different field and regions to draft concrete recommendations for the regulation and self-regulation of the global information and communication space.

Step 1

Call for contributions

The Forum will regularly issue call for contributions on major issues related to its mandate.

Step 2


The Forum will facilitate the activities of the working groups to develop concrete recommendations.

Step 3


The different categories of stakeholders will be consulted to give their feedback on the recommendations.

Step 4


The Forum will issue its recommendations periodically.

Step 5


Stakeholders will be able to commit on the implementation of the recommendations.

Current working groups

Working group on infodemics

The Forum on Information and Democracy launches its inaugural working group. The Forum will ask experts, academics and jurists all over the world to define a policy framework (set of recommendations) to respond to the infodemic and the information chaos through four structural challenges.