The Forum on Information and Democracy warmly welcomes the awarding of the prize to Dimitri Muratov and Maria Ressa. The latter is a member of the Commission on Information and Democracy and co-chaired the Forum’s first working group.

“We are extremely pleased to see the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Maria Ressa who has played a leading role in the Initiative on Information and Democracy since its inception, says Christophe Deloire, Chair of the Forum on Information and Democracy. We send her our warmest congratulations.” 

Maria Ressa is a member of the International Commission on Information and Democracy, gathered three years ago when Reporters Without Borders (RSF) launched the Initiative of the same name. In its Declaration, the Commission defines the global information and communication space as a “common good of humanity”, placing its management under the responsibility of humankind in its entirety.

Maria Ressa co-chaired the working group on infodemics, which published 250 recommendations in November 2020 on platform transparency, content moderation, promotion of the reliability of information and mixed private and public spaces on private messaging systems.

At the first Summit for Information and Democracy on September 24, 2021, she insisted that “lies spread faster than boring facts and platforms have a bias against democracy.” 

For Christophe Deloire, this award represents a “historic call for the implementation of democratic safeguards and the social function of journalism. We will continue to work with her in this direction.”

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