On February 21 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the Forum on Information and Democracy holds a session on the implementation of democratic safeguards in the information and communication space. The global conference “Internet for Trust” takes place from February 21 to 23.

During the UNESCO global conference that aims at shaping guidelines for digital platform regulation, the Forum on Information and Democracy will work on advancing in four priority fields to fight information chaos. An event in four acts, which will gather experts and stakeholders.

The four sequences (45’ each) will be devoted to key challenges : 

  • Building a global governance to tackle the information chaos
  • Shifting from immunity to accountability regimes online
  • Securing pluralism of information online
  • Implementing the “New Deal for journalism”

The Forum will reveal in preview its concrete recommendations on pluralism of information in curation and indexation algorithms. Director of the Center for Media Freedom and Media Pluralism at the European University Institute, Pier Luigi Parcu will present concrete and operational recommendations for promoting diversity of ideas online, a necessity for the quality of public debate. This professor was the chairman of the international working group on pluralism launched by the Forum.

The session will take place on February 21 from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm CET at UNESCO headquarters in Paris (download the program). It will bring together prominent representatives of civil society and the research community, such as Nighat Dad, executive director of the Digital Rights Foundation, Anya Schiffrin, director of the Technology, Media and Communications specialization at Columbia University, Damian Tambini, distinguished policy fellow and associate professor at the London School of Economics, and Patricia Campos Mello, reporter at Folha de São Paulo .

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This session will nourish the regulatory guidelines of UNESCO with the principles of the Partnership for Information and Democracy , now endorsed by 50 States around the world.

Contact : Gabrielle Jouve, project officer (gjouve@informationdemocracy.org)

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