On the occasion of the 3rd Summit for Information and Democracy held on 10 November at the Paris Peace Forum,  the Forum on Information and Democracy is publishing its recommendations to states and platforms to safeguard the integrity of the information space in times of conflict. 

As events around the world today illustrate, violent conflicts of a seemingly local, national or cross-border nature play out globally on online platforms. The velocity at which we create, disseminate and consume information dramatically impacts conflict dynamics. “Fear speech exploits grievances, misinformation can distort realities and disinformation is used to influence the conflict’s outcome. The information that spreads online and gets amplified thus greatly impacts capacities for peacebuilding. States and platforms must put in place all necessary measures to safeguard the integrity of the information space” highlights Michael Bak, Executive Director of the Forum on Information and Democracy. 

The recommendations draw on policy frameworks already developed by the Forum on Information and Democracy to ensure technology serves citizens, our democratic institutions and integrity of information. These Top 10 most salient policy recommendations for States and private companies aim to ensure the reliability and plurality of information about all conflict parties and promote peacebuilding messages, diminish the reach and effects of dis- and misinformation, enhance accountability of highly influential actors and enable independent scrutiny of efforts.

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