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On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day Conference organized by UNESCO and Uruguay, the Forum publishes its recommendations on transparency for digital platforms in Spanish. They will be the subject of a presentation session to advance their implementation.

Published in November 2020, the Forum’s recommendations on the transparency of digital platforms from the report “How to end infodemics” will be on the agenda of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Conference in Punta del Este, Uruguay. On this occasion, these recommendations have been translated into Spanish with the support of Observacom, a member of the Forum’s Board.

These recommendations have been developed by the Working Group on Infodemics co-chaired by Maria Ressa, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Marietje Schaake, International Policy Director of the Cyber Policy Center at Stanford University. The group’s report was released in November 2020 and was on the agenda of the first Summit for Information and Democracy, held on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2021. 

As the report states, “it is high time to enforce real and legally binding transparency on the digital platforms that structure the global information and communication space. Transparency is not a silver bullet that will fix all the issues, but is a necessary condition to develop a more balanced equilibrium of power between the private platforms and democratic societies.”

These proposals for regulation and self-regulation are a way to implement the principles of the Windhoek+30 Declaration adopted at the previous World Press Freedom Conference in 2021. 

The session organized by the Forum this Tuesday, May 3, during the UNESCO Conference will help advance the implementation of these recommendations. It will be broadcast live from 5 to 6 pm CET on the UNESCO website.

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